Student Leadership

Penn Student Agencies strives to employ the most talented young adults at the University of Pennsylvania to ensure its success. 

These diverse leaders from around the globe tackle everyday challenges and propose and implement ideas that consistently steer Penn Student Agencies and its businesses toward growth and opportunity. 

These leaders exemplify the type of students PSA seeks to employ: Passionate, Ambitious, and Adaptable!


FY24 Student Leadership Team

Corporate Division

Chris Raboy ’25 | Chief Executive Officer of Penn Student Agencies 

Chris is a rising third-year at the School of Nursing studying nursing and nutrition. If he isn’t sending hundreds of emails to Penn faculty, he enjoys working out and bragging about his home state of California. He absorbed his twin in the womb, likes to complain about the weather, and enjoys humorous banter.

Ian Mills ’24 |Chief Operating Officer of Penn Student Agencies 

Ian is a rising fourth-year in the College of Arts & Sciences.


Shayan Shivji ’25 | Chief Strategy Officer of Penn Student Agencies 

Shayan is a rising third-year at Wharton studying economics with a concentration in finance. If he isn’t looking at budgets, you can find him losing money playing poker or winning chess games (he’s actually pretty good). He enjoys discussing any topic and motivating/mentoring high schoolers.

Yitong Wu ’24 | Chief Marketing Officer of Penn Student Agencies

Yitong is a rising fourth-year at The Wharton School studying finance and statistics. 

Dining & Hospitality Division

Roy Thuya ’24 | Managing Director, Benny’s Diner 

Roy is an MBA candidate at The Wharton School. 

Search in Progress | Sales & Purchasing Manager, Benny’s Diner 

The Benny’s Diner Sales & Purchasing Manager supports the business by ordering products to be sold in the diner, monitoring revenue and expenses, tracking inventory & storage spaces, polling trends in the products that the customers are buying, and maintaining relationships with suppliers & vendors.

Visit the Join Our Team page for more information on how to apply!  

Search in Progress | Personnel & Compliance Manager, Benny’s Diner 

The Benny’s Diner Personnel and Compliance Manager supports the agency by leading the training of new staff members to adhere to food safety compliance standards, conducting facility checks and employee evaluations, maintaining up-to-date food service best practices and policies, and handling any health or safety concerns. The P&C Manager also ensures the diner is operating smoothly by managing personnel records, scheduling, and facility signage and procedures. 

Visit the Join Our Team page for more information on how to apply!  

Sophia Degrands ’25 | Managing Director, Williams Cafe


Sophia is a rising third-year in the College of Arts & Sciences. 

Williams Cafe

Sam Martinez ’25 | Senior Sales & Purchasing Manager, Williams Cafe


Sam is a rising third-year in the Vagelos MLS program studying biochemistry and neuroscience. While somehow having time outside of her intensive course load and job (we don’t know how), she is a cellist in the Symphony Orchestra and a finance committee member. Despite being a bad driver, she is prideful in her ownership of a gold 2-door mini cooper. 

Williams Cafe

Joanna Shan ’24 | Marketing & Outreach Manager, Williams Cafe


Joanna is a rising fourth-year in the College of Arts & Sciences. 

Joanna assumed the role early on January 17th, 2023 succeeding Sonia Shah. Joanna is a member of the FY24 Leadership Team. 


Williams Cafe

Retail & Delivery Division

Adarsh Sureshbabu MSE’24 |Managing Director, firstServices

Adarsh is a rising second-year Master’s student in the School for Engineering and Applied Sciences studying Bioengineering.


Reach out to Adarsh regarding partnership and employment opportunities with firstServices or questions related to service offers and event/department options!

Ivy Wen ’24 | Operations & Customer Experience Manager, firstServices

Ivy is a rising fourth-year at the College of Arts and Sciences studying Psychology. She enjoys volunteering and is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Penn Traditions, Matriculate, and the Netter Center. As a Philadelphia native and avid sports fan, if she isn’t climbing up greased light poles or destroying the city, she is probably learning a new language on Duolingo.

Nahomi Ruiz ’25|Managing Director, Penn Closet 

Nahomi is a rising third-year in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Psychology with minors in Consumer Psychology and Spanish Studies. 

Reach out to Nahomi regarding partnership opportunities with Penn Closet or questions related to donations & employment opportunities within Penn Closet. 

Search in Progress|Marketing & Outreach Manager, Penn Closet 


The Penn Closet Marketing & Outreach Manager supports Penn Closet by regulating methods of receiving donated items, curating and managing the store’s brand, posting on social media platforms, and engaging with the Penn community to increase exposure and engagement with the store through partnerships and collaborations.

Visit the Join Our Team page for more information on how to apply! 

Creative Division

Joanna Xiang ’25 | Managing Director, Penn Lens & PSD

Jo is a rising third-year in the College of Arts and Science studying mathematical economics and the history of art. 

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