Student Leadership

Penn Student Agencies strives to employ the most talented young adults at the University of Pennsylvania to ensure its success. 

These diverse leaders from around the globe tackle everyday challenges and propose and implement ideas that consistently steer Penn Student Agencies and its businesses toward growth and opportunity. 

These leaders exemplify the type of students PSA seeks to employ: Passionate, Ambitious, and Adaptable!


FY23 Student Leadership Team

Corporate Division


 Sissel Tan ’22 | PSA Graduate Assistant of Penn Student Agencies

Sissel is a second-year at the Graduate School of Education studying International Educational Development. Outside of listening to the corporate team whine and complain, she serves as the graduate assistant at the School of Social Policy. In her spare time, Sissel enjoys skiing, binge-watching Youtube & Netflix, pampering her cat, and making plans for exercise on the reg but ends up playing Nintendo Switch.

Chris Raboy standing next to a yellow background

Chris Raboy ’25 | Chief Marketing Officer of Penn Student Agencies

Incoming FY24 Chief Executive Officer of Penn Student Agencies


Chris is a second-year at the School of Nursing studying nursing and nutrition. If he isn’t sending hundreds of emails to Penn faculty, he enjoys working out and bragging about his home state of California. He absorbed his twin in the womb, likes to complain about the weather, and enjoys humorous banter.

Chris will serve as PSA’s third Chief Executive since its creation in 2020. Chris started at PSA as a Delivery Associate in firstServices before becoming the PSA Marketing Director and soon after Chief Marketing Officer. 

Shayan Shivji ’25 | Chief Strategy Officer of Penn Student Agencies

Shayan is a second-year at Wharton studying economics with a concentration in finance. If he isn’t looking at budgets, you can find him losing money playing poker or winning chess games (he’s actually pretty good). He enjoys discussing any topic, and motivating/mentoring high schoolers. 

Dining & Hospitality Division

Eleni Pisinos ’24 | General Manager, Benny’s Diner

Eleni is a third-year in the College of Arts & Sciences studying political science and economics. Shortly after birth, her parents put her to work at her family’s restaurant business in Tennessee (born flipping patties). If she isn’t eating pancakes or hating on waffles, she is involved with her sororities Delta Delta Delta and Phi Alpha Delta.

Ian Mills ’24 | Operations Manager, Benny’s Diner 

Ian Mills is a third-year in the College of Arts & Sciences. 

Layla Murphy ’23 | General Manager, Williams Cafe


Layla is a fourth-year at the College of Arts & Sciences studying Philosophy. Outside of living in the storage room of William’s Cafe, she founded Quake Magazine and EIC, and is the VP of Simply Chaos Comedy Club. She graduated high school in front of the pyramids of Giza and feels strongly about baristas deserving tips!

Williams Cafe

Sam Martinez ’25 | Sales & Purchasing Manager, Williams Cafe


Samantha is a second-year in the Vagelos MLS program studying biochemistry and neuroscience. While somehow having time outside of her intensive course load and job (we don’t know how), she is a cellist in the Symphony Orchestra and a finance committee member. Despite being a bad driver, she is prideful in her ownership of a gold 2-door mini cooper.

Williams Cafe

Sonia Shah ’22 | Marketing & Outreach Manager, Williams Cafe


Sonia is a fourth-year in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Williams Cafe

Retail & Delivery Division

Ivy Wen ’24 | Customer Experience (CX) Manager & Interim General Manager, firstServices

Ivy Wen is a third-year at the College of Arts and Sciences studying Psychology. She enjoys volunteering and is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Penn Traditions, Matriculate, and the Netter Center. As a Philadelphia native and avid sports fan, if she isn’t climbing up greased light poles or destroying the city, she is probably learning a new language on Duolingo.

Valeria Arroyo | General Manager, Penn Closet

Valeria is a third-year at the College of Arts & Sciences studying Health and Societies. On-Campus, she is a member of MEChA and Cipactli Latinx Honor Society. Despite being from one of the hottest and driest states, she enjoys camping out in the Alaskan wilderness and taking in stray cats. Penn Frat parties are not up to her standard of being “lit.”

Penn Closet Logo

Gigi Lam ’23 | Sales & Marketing Manager, Penn Closet 

Gigi is a fourth-year at the College of Arts & Sciences

Penn Closet Logo

Madison McCullough ’23 | Director, Special Deliveries


Madison is a fourth-year at the School of Nursing. When Madison isn’t sleep-deprived from a 12-hour clinical, she enjoys playing video games, watching tv, and reading. She is also involved with Penn Benjamins, Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority Incorporated, Student Nurses at Penn, and Minorities in Nursing.

Creative Division

Chelsea Cheng ’24 | General Manager, Penn Student Design

Chelsea is a third-year in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Penn Student Design Logo

Andrew Kim ’23 | General Manager, Penn Lens

Andrew is a fourth-year in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Penn Lens Logo