Student Leadership Selection

Selection Process and Timeline

Every year, leadership roles re-open for application. Although experience within an agency is preferred, interested applicants for a leadership position may apply for roles outside of their current agency. 

These students are chosen for their demonstrated interest and commitment to PSA, its growth, and betterment. Students interested in these roles should contact the students currently occupying the role they are interested in. Employees are given opportunities to demonstrate interest by stepping up in their roles and for additional tasks.

2022-2023 Student Leadership Promotion Timeline

Previous Penn Student Agencies employment is required. We look for undergraduate students who are willing to make their leadership position a top priority for their one-year term. Hour commitments for these roles are typically around 5-10 hours in addition to hours working for their agency. These additional hours come from weekly Board of Directors meetings, Bi-weekly Program Director meetings, PSA Committees, and agency leadership meetings and events.

All Directors and Executive Vice President positions are hired for a one-year period beginning in March with an option to renew for additional years based upon performance.

  • Applications due October 2022 
  • You will receive an email to schedule your General Leadership Panel shortly after.
  • Candidates who exhibit leadership qualities and sufficient PSA knowledge will be invited to Agency Specific Interviews.
  • Leadership teams will be announced December 2022.
  • Training will be two hours every week during the month of February. Times and dates TBD by agency Leadership.
  • Take Primary Role – March 2023
  • Presentation of Business Plans at first new term Board of Directors meeting on TBD