School Storage

School Storage


Going Green

Schoolstorage is the only student Storage Service that provides an opportunity for students to use a environmentally friendly option.  Our Going Green Storage package offers recyclable storage units that have a unique design and are constructed with corrugated plastic. They do not require adhesive tape to secure, as are needed with paper boxes. Unlike paper boxes which end up as waste, these units are collapsible and can be stored flat (under bed) to be re-used later. Additionally we offer incentives and discounts to encourage students to use this opportunity to help our effort to sustain our environment.

Own storage facility operates from our own buildings located in Norristown, Pennsylvania. The two attached buildings of 30,000 square feet of space which houses our storage is comprised of climate controlled, dry, clean and racked facilities. The buildings have 24/7 security and video surveillance.



The website is designed to be convenient for parents and students to access and use. Our website designers are instructed to create and maintain an environment that is cross generational. We have avoided the usual “bells and whistles” that accompany youth oriented websites and may perplex parents. Additionally we protect students from distracting offers that would encourage other purchases by luring them to our website. All the order pages are encrypted thereby ensuring maximum online security for our clients. Our prices are openly published and do not vary from university to university.

Email & Text messaging

Students are not always accessible by phone because of their various study and class schedules. Most of our communication is done via text and email. During peak activity we have several members of our staff also fielding phone inquiries.

Year around availability and off-campus service

We are available on call to assist students and parents in a time of immediate need.

We are a local company and can permit students to access to storage or ship to a different location if plans change. Since we are not agents or sales brokers for a moving and storage company but administer the storage in our own facility we are able to execute customer’s instructions promptly. We also can receive storage and deliver off campus; we understand that students have a need to make such changes at times and this feature which may be unique to our company is often of great value to students in these circumstances.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is the lowest per box according to our most recent research. Please feel free to compare pricing. You can access our price list by visiting our website and pressing the “reserve online” button.

Past, Present and Future has provided this particular service to Students and Parents since the year 2000. We are proud of our record of zero losses during our entire history. We maintain this high standard of service because of our customized operations and because there is no movement once set in storage in our facility. We expect our competitive pricing and history of service will be a value to the students. Recognition of the students’ interests as foremost makes us an easy choice.