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Laundry, Water, and Dry Cleaning questions 

Laundry Services

As much as you want- within reason! Each bag is designed to hold a maximum of 27 lbs of laundry and should close easily to ensure no clothing items are lost! If there is too much laundry in the bag (i.e. the bag can not close completely), we will not pick up the bag in order to ensure that your clothes do not fall out and get lost in transit. So make sure your bag closes completely!

No problem! If you forgot to leave your bag outside your door, please email prior to 10 pm the night before the requested day for pick up.

firstServices prides itself on quality services. If any issue occurs, we do everything in our power to make things right! We have a Clothing Reimbursement Schedule as part of our Terms of Services where firstServices insures lost or damaged clothing up to $300 per bag. Please let us know of the situation within 24 hours in order to be eligible for a refund and to increase the chances of us locating the item.

Yes. However, access to your residence’s front door must be provided in order for us to safely pick-up and deliver your laundry. Specify this information in the comment box at the bottom of the registration page and reach out to, so that we can better assist and coordinate.

Water Services

Drinks are delivered Monday through Thursday. We do not make deliveries on any other days. 

Spring ’23 Water Delivery Schedule:

Mondays: Harnwell & Rodin
Tuesdays: Upper Quad (Fisher-Hassenfeld)
Wednesdays: Riepe, Harrison, Guttman, Lauder, Off campus locations
Thursdays: Ware

Fall ’23 Water Delivery Schedule coming soon!

Contact us at We will see if either you were not scheduled for a water delivery or if it is running late. We’ll rectify the problem if there is one and get water to you immediately!

Yes. However, access to your residence’s front door must be provided in order for us to deliver your water. Specify this information in the comment box at the bottom of the registration page. We cannot arrange special times for drop-off as this creates great disturbances in our operations.

Yes. You can purchase 24-packs individually! The cost is $8 per 24-pack (including delivery charges). You can purchase them from here.

Dry Cleaning Services

If you are a dry-cleaning customer, we will deliver your bag to your room before the start of the semester. If you do not receive a bag, please make sure to get in contact with us. If you sign up for dry cleaning later in the semester, we will deliver your bag to your room on our next available service date.

No problem! Simply write a note to let us know and attach it to the item of clothing.

We document any stains or damages to your items before we clean them, and will notify you of any preexisting damages. There is no process during dry cleaning that should stain your item. However, if you believe this is the case for your item, please reach out to within the first 24 hours. Please refer to the Terms of Service in regard to filing a claim.

About Us


Penn Student Agencies began under FDR’s National Youth Administration, an early incarnation of the Federal Work-Study Program. Initially titled Self-Supporting Students, Penn Student Agencies made its first appearance on July 1, 1933 as a part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Placement Services Department.

Dry Cleaning


The Dorm Laundry Service (first named firstLaundry; later renamed firstServices) was one of the three agencies under PSA. In recent years, firstServices has become a huge cultural success on campus, servicing a substantial portion of the freshman class and tending to the needs of upperclassmen and off campus residents as well.

As an entirely student-operated organization, firstServices has a lot of freedom to explore new ideas to better serve our customers. We provide easy-to-use laundry, dry cleaning, and water services, and are always looking for new ways to address the needs of Penn students. With a staff of over a dozen employees and hundreds of customers each semester, firstServices has become the most profitable agency within Penn Student Agency.