Agency Director Positions

Agency Director Positions

Manager roles for the March 2020 – March 2021 term are open for application!  The application deadline for PSA employees is November 15th.  Applications submitted after the deadline may be considered if the position has not yet been filled, but there is no guarantee.

PSA Main Office Manager Positions

Executive Vice President of Operations

Executive Vice President of Marketing

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firstServices Manager Positions

firstServices Executive Director

firstServices Director of Laundry Operations

firstServices Director of Water Operations

firstServices Director of Customer Relations

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Special Deliveries Manager Positions

Special Deliveries Director of Operations

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Quaker Corner Manager Positions

Quaker Corner Director of Operations

Quaker Corner Director of Purchasing & Marketing

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Williams Cafe Executive Director

Williams Cafe Director of Purchasing

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PSD Manager Positions

Penn Student Design Director of Operations

Penn Student Design Director of Marketing

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Bartending Manager Positions

PSA Bartending Executive Director

PSA Bartending Director of Programming

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OhSnap Photography Manager Positions

OhSnap Photography Executive Director

OhSnap Photography Director of Marketing

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PSA Promotions Manager Positions

PSA Promotions Director of Operations

PSA Promotions Director of Distributions

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Penn Closet

Penn Closet Store Director of Operations

Penn Closet Director of Marketing

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