About Promotions

About Promotions

A Note about Promotions and Vendors

PSA works with external vendors in order to promote the best discounts on products and services for the Penn community. In our capacity, we act as a promotional agent for vendors and negotiate discounts and prices. The appropriate vendor can address questions related to service provision and operations. In accordance with Penn’s policy, Penn Student Agencies does not endorse any particular vendor and asks that you evaluate price, reputation, and quality of service before making a selection.

How to Contact Promotional Programs

If you are interested in employing any of Promotional Program’s services, you may contact the Promotional Programs manager in either of two ways:

1. Call the PSA Store (number printed at the bottom of this page) and leave a message for the Promotions Manager, Faithe Hill, with the CSR on-duty. 

2. Email Promotions at promotions.sgeniek@wharton.upenn.edu

In both cases, please state your name, on whose behalf (company, student group, etc) you care calling, and which of our services you are interested in hearing more about.

A quick reminder to all of our valued customers

Promotional Programs considers every job we receive high priority. However, because we sometimes receive many postering requests within a short period of time, it can be very difficult for us to complete short-notice jobs in the desired timeframe. It is for this reason that our postering request form asks that posters are received at least five days before your deadline for posting of materials. This grace period should ensure that extenuating circumstances do not prevent your job from being done during the time frame that is best for you. Feel free to send your materials in advance — we will only put them during the time we feel is most effective for promoting your event!

Thank you for continued patronage of Penn Student Agencies’ Promotional Agency’s flyering services. We look forward to working with you.

Merrick Eng

Promotional Programs Manager

Penn Student Agencies

All proceeds from sales and commissions support student experiential learning at PSA.